About Us

It's a Pleasure to Welcome you to the Indraneelam Residency.Indraneelam Residency conveniently located near E3 theme park,Neelome, Wayanad. Wayanad is know for its hills, water falls and called it as green paradise. Tourist across the globe come to experience Wayanad. Its cool breeze, mist and rain.

Wayand offers you different activities like trekking, cycling, bamboo rafting etc. It offers what the traveller needs. Indraneelam Residency has been one of the top choices of travellers. Our are rooms are designed for those who need relaxations and calmness at its best. INDRANEELAM stands for Ixora, Nemesia, Daffodil,Rain lilly, Aster, Erica, Lilac and Muscari. Indraneelam consist of 7 rooms and one dormitory. We are easily accessible from all of the tourist destinations across Wayanad.

We look forward to having you as our guest!


  • E3 Park : 300 m
  • Banasura 20 Km
  • Banasura meenmutty: 22 Km
  • Karlad lake: 28 Km
  • Kuruvadweep 31 Km
  • Edakkal caves: 52 Km
  • Soojippara: 60 Km